A combination of two or more rolls used to press out water from wet paper web. Following are some of the types of the press.< ul>

  • 1. Plain Press or Solid Press: This is the simplest and the oldest type of press which is now a days rarely used except on very slow speed machine. The solid press consist of two solid rolls covered with rubber and or granite. The top roll is somewhat offset for the squeezed out water to flow by gravity.
  • 2. Suction Press: In this type of press, one roll is drilled and shell of the drilled roll rotates over a suction box. The squeezed water is sucked out through the felt.
  • 3. Grooved Press: In this type of press, one roll is grooved. The squeezed water is hold in the groves and removed by doctoring or sucking out on the return run of the roll.
  • 4. Smoothing Press: A plain roll press just before the dryer section start, used to smoothen the paper surface.